[Israel] Granville Academy of Boltzmann

[Israel] Granville Academy of Boltzmann
מכון ויצמן למדע

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Province/State: Central area city: Rehovot nature: public school year: 1934, number: n/a China Ministry of education certification: certification
Official website: www.Weizmann.AC.il/pages
Granville Academy of Boltzmann translated Weizmann Institute of science in Israel Rehovot. Granville Academy of Boltzmann and graduate schools and research institutions. Granville Boltzmann Sciences offers master of science, PhD and post-doctoral courses. Science master of professional main has English taught or Hebrew language taught of biological, and brain science, and biological informatics-biology, and chemical, and physical-chemical, and physical, and application physics, and biological physics, and mathematics, and application mathematics, and computer science, and mathematics and computer science, and biological informatics-mathematics, and and the only by Hebrew language taught science education-physical, and science education-computer science, and science education-Earth research, and science education-mathematics, and science education-biological and the science education-chemical. PhD and postdoctoral research area focuses on physical science, chemistry, life sciences, mathematics and computer science and science education (available only in Hebrew language courses).

Application fee: from RMB:
Living expenses: 33600-42000 Israel shekels per year for RMB:54385-67981 Yuan/school year

Email: FGS@weizmann.ac.il
Phone: + 972-8-934-2924
Fax: + 972-8-934-4114